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how it works

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You must be a TradeSource or Barter Center member in good standing in order to log onto this site.

logging on to the site
To log on, simply enter your Member Number in the box labeled Member ID. Enter your four character password in the box labeled Password. If you don't remember your password email us at and we will look it up for you. Or, you can click on the tab titled "contact us" in the upper right hand corner of the screen If you want to change your password, please call us at 954 927 7447.

After you log on to the site:

Use the Directory as a shopping catalog. It is your guideway into the membership base. The best way to use the Directory is to select a product category from the drop down list. Accountants, for example. Then click on the button labeled Let's Shop. The site will return with a list of all the accountants in the network. If the member has web site, you will see a hot link that you can click to go directly to their site.

If you want to see what other members have said about trading with someone ;you are considering, select the product category from the drop down list, then click on the button labeled Member Research. Accountants, for example. The site will return a list of all the accountants and a link to all the comments members have made about the accountants. This is a handy way to identify the member getting the best reviews from the network.

Use the Feedback section to place your comments about a seller into the site. You must have the Trade number for a completed trade. The site will prompt you with some formatted questions, and then you will have the chance to leave your free-form comments. Your comments about the seller become the basis for the Member Research section.

my account
Use the My Account section to gather detail about your trading relationship. Upon selecting My Account the site will show you your current trade dollar and cash balances. This section has four additional tabs. The first is Posted Trades from Previous Months. Use this tab to look up all the trades posted to your account beginning January 1, 1997. Trades Completed this Month details transactions posted to your account since the end of the previous month. These are transactions that will appear on your next mailed statement at the end of this month. Pending Trades are all the trades that you have in process, including the seller, description and amount. Find Out What Other Members are Saying About You allows you, as the Seller in a trade, the chance to respond to Feedback entered by the Buyer. The Buyer's review of you as a Seller, and your response, appear in the Member Research section of the site.

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