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about TradeSource: commonly asked questions

what will the prices be like?
All members have signed a Membership Application and have approved the accompanying Trading Regulations which clearly indicate that all trading must be conducted at the selling members "prevailing cash price". When buying, you are encouraged to obtain competitive quotes, or otherwise comparison shop, prior to accepting the goods or services. When you are the seller, please charge your prevailing cash price.

what if other members don't request my product of service?
All members are provided with a line of credit from the network upon application, and are encouraged to utilize their credit. It is the obligation of the network to generate demand for your company. Do not be concerned if your account balance is negative (you have bought more than you have sold). The network is growing and will continue to identify members who want to buy from you. In the meantime, you owe nothing more that the modest monthly administration fee.

will i wind up providing far more to the other members than i am receiving?
No. The Trading Regulations clearly state that all trading is "done on a voluntary basis". Additionally, the network operates with a careful management philosophy that has resulted in over 80% of all members maintaining an account balance of +/- $5,000. You may decline to make a sale because you have already provided more than you have received, or because you are in the middle of your busiest season, or its just not convenient, or you just don't want to...

how does trading affect my taxes?
Trading is a taxable event. According to the Federal government, buying and selling through the network is no different than completing cash transactions. The network will issue you a 1099B at the end of each calendar year reflecting your sales. Of course, all of your purchases, and fees paid to the network, are tax deductible expenses. Sales tax is not traded. As the seller in a trade transaction, The State of Florida expects you to remit sales tax. Therefore, the sales tax will be paid to you directly by the buyer, in cash. County government will expect to be paid for licenses and permits. When buying from a member who is a licensed contractor, please expect to pay for all necessary licenses and permits in cash. The contractor will "pull" the permit, and hand your check to the County government. Always feel free to ask for guidance on any of these issues.

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