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about TradeSource: overview

welcome to the TradeSource network...
You are about to discover a world of benefits and services that come with membership. As a new member, you'll find them to be of outstanding value. Now, you'll enjoy the added financial security of trading, whether for your business, your home, or both. TradeSource membership provides the added attention you deserve - and a more convenient way to make sales and purchases.

personalized service
You'll experience our account managers commitment when they quickly and efficiently respond to trade requests, billing inquiries, or assist you in a variety of helpful ways. Your account manager will become familiar with your buying and selling habits, and will tailor your membership to best aid your business and personal life.

it's easy to trade
Simply call us and request what you need. Be sure to tell us when you need the items and anticipated price. Obtain other quotes, if possible. We'll handle it from there. Of course, since not every product or service is always available, at any given time, make trading requests often!

trading privileges
You will set the limit on how much you want to trade. And, as a benefit of membership, TradeSource will extend a line of credit on your behalf.

our fair pricing policy
We insist that all members price their products fairly and honestly, as published in the Trading Regulations, and signed by all members. We will not participate in the practice of inflating prices beyond prevailing cash prices. The members will treat you fairly... and will expect the same from you.

quality guarantee
If you are not entirely satisfied with an item, simply do not accept delivery. Return it to the seller and your account will be credited for the full purchase price. If work performed for you can be shown to be sub-standard, your account will be credited accordingly.

a detailed financial report
Each month, you'll receive a concise, easy to read statement for convenient revenue and expense tracking, and record keeping. It's a well organized, helpful billing reference that you can keep close at hand. In addition, your account manager can always fax directly to your attention, a directory of all your transactions.

the world of barter awaits you...

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