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about TradeSource: how does it work?

Trading is the oldest and purest way of doing business. Goods and services are directly exchanged without the use of money. Both parties benefit immediately - they each acquire what they desire by providing what they already have or can easily produce. BUT? How do you locate all the companies that want to trade the things that you and your business need? How do you make trading arrangements with them? How do you know that everything will be done fairly and properly?

TradeSource is a network of corporations who have agreed to trade goods and services between themselves. We administer the rules, track the trades, merchandise the members, and earn a fee for each completed trade. The TradeSource network makes it possible for over 500 south florida companies to trade with each other in an efficient and well-controlled manner.

Each TradeSource member has an account in the network, through which they buy and sell with the other members. For example:

You need an awning built for your office. You've solicited bids, and a fair price for your awning is $3,000. As a member, you buy this awning from another TradeSource member. You do not pay for this awning in cash - your TradeSource account is debited -$3,000. You pay for the awning by providing your product to another TradeSource member, at which time your account is credited with the value of your sale.

You are not obligated to provide your product to the awning manufacturer. At the same time that the awning manufacturer is selling an awning to you, he is buying electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, auto repair from other members of the network. Because this is a network with over 500 members, it is unlikely that you will be selling and buying from the same member.

All business people understand that it is better to "purchase" the items that they need by providing their product, especially when their product is going to a new customer of theirs. Of course, we know there will be times when you have all the cash business you can handle. During those times, when we call to offer you a new trade customer, simply say no. We also know that there will be times when business will be a bit slow, or inventory is accumulating. During your slow times, when we call you to offer you a new trade customer, simply say yes!

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