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about TradeSource: how do i actually do this?

as a buyer you must...
  1. Call our office for sources of the products and services you are seeking. Please do not contact other members without first calling your account manager to make arrangements.

  2. Call the business referred to you immediately to arrange for your purchase. Talk only to the person(s) you have been told to contact by the network. This will ensure that your trade progresses smoothly.

  3. Confirm the availability of the specific product or services you need. If the business you are calling cannot help you, immediately call our office for assistance or to arrange your trade with a different supplier.

  4. Always identify yourself as a member of the Barter Center or TradeSource before any other discussion takes place. Be straightforward ... Treat others as you wish to be treated.

  5. TIP IN CASH. Always tip generously (minimum of 15%) at restaurants, for limousine services, haircuts... Remember, your service provider is working for the tip, they are not the business owner. You are a representative of the the network. Your tip will encourage the service provider to treat network members as their most important clients.

as a seller you must...
  1. Call our office for an authorization or a trade number before you perform any services or release any merchandise, unless scrip is being used as a means of payment.

  2. If you are approached by a member who wishes to obtain your products or services on trade, and this trade has not been previously arranged between you and the network within the last three days, call the network immediately. Do not deliver products or perform services without prior approval from the network.

  3. After delivering products or performing services please call us as soon as possible with the amount of the transaction so that your account may be properly credited. If possible, fax us a copy of the invoice or signed contract.

  4. Remember, as the seller you are responsible for collecting all applicable sales taxes and licensing fees.

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