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about TradeSource: why businesspeople do this

save money
This happens two ways. First, since you're paying with product, your cash stays in the bank. Second, since your product normally sells for a price greater than your incremental cost of making the product, your true cost of purchasing is your cost of making your product.

utilize more capacity
If you have excess inventory, open time in your factory, or slow seasons, trading is an exceptional way of getting market value for your unsold goods or services. You convert idle product or time into real value. Just as important, trading is a way for you to keep your employees busy with productive, revenue generating activities.

earn new customers
The network is filled with business owners who are unfamiliar with the quality of your work. We will actively merchandise you to the other members - bringing your name and product to the attention of hundreds of south florida business owners.

enjoy a line of credit
All members have a line of credit with the network. This allows you to "buy" before you "sell", and gives you one more way to manage the financial aspects of your business.

avoid receivables
When you trade you don't have to wait 60 or 90 days to get paid, or risk never getting paid at all. We credit your account immediately. It is our responsibility to make sure that the "buyer" can fulfill his end of the trade. It is not your responsibility, nor is it your problem.

feel comfortable trading
Our members like to trade and want to trade. However, they want it done the right way. They want to know that we are monitoring the trades, enforcing the rules, managing the network, ensuring a constant flow of new products and services... They get all the benefits of trading, without the headache of "making it work".

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